Improve quality, control, production and increase customer satisfaction while improving your systems and your bottom line

Eliminate unnecessary paperwork, time wasting reworks and track where you are in your job process at ALL TIMES

  • Shop travelers that are barcoded and easily generated with detailed instructions and pictures for your staff
  • A complete list of jobs in your shop, showing their status, location and if they are on time
  • The ability to easily generate a traveler for a repeat job and release it to production in just a few minutes
  • Easy implementation of pictures on travelers and traveler steps allows rapid identification of your job on the shop floor and enabling operators to see special set up and technique pictures at each step in the manufacturing process
  • Detailed job tracking system with ability to tell job location, stage of work, and if it is on track for delivery
  • Detailed production reports showing job status, location and expected delivery dates, perfect for Production Meetings
  • Extensive part tracking system with history
  • Extensive job and customer history
  • Single glance production control screen to see problem jobs and problem areas in shop
  • Complete Calibration Control System including email reminders and document management
  • Integrated Approved supplier system including email reminders and document management

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